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Date Sermon Scripture Text Format
1/12/2014 Where the Law is Lost, So is the Gospel Romans 3:31 Video
1/19/2014 In Christ We Go From Rags to Riches 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 Video
1/26/2014 It’s all about the Name Luke 2:21 Video
2/02/2014 We Are Grateful to God for the Many Wonderful Christian Mothers 1 Samuel 1:27-28 Video
2/09/2014 They Were Going Through the Motions Isaiah 58:6-9 Video
2/16/2014 God’s Generosity May Seem Unfair Isaiah 58:6-9 Video
2/23/2014 They Have No Root Luke 8:6, 13 Video
3/02/2014 We are to Add Things to Our Faith Matthew 17:2 Video
3/09/2014 Jesus Is God Matthew 4:1 Video
3/16/2014 Jesus Withstood Temptation For Us Genesis 12:1-3 Video
3/23/2014 Jesus Withstood Temptation For Us Genesis 12:1-3 Video
3/23/2014 All of Us By Nature Are Demon Possessed Luke 11:14 Video
3/30/2014 Have You Heard What the Law of God Says Galatians 4:21 Video
4/13/2014 The Lord Has Need of You Matthew 21:1-3 Video
4/20/2014 The Risen Christ is the Cure for Troubled Hearts Luke 24:36-40 Video
4/27/2014 I Know That My Redeemer Liveth Job 19:23-47 Video
5/04/2014 Jesus Is the Door by Which We Enter Heaven John 10:9 Video
5/11/2014 It Is Of The Lord’s Mercies That We Are Not Consumed Lamentations 3:19-22 Video
5/18/2014 How Do We Become Righteous? John 16:8-11 Video
5/25/2014 Christians Need Fear Nothing 1 Peter 3:22 Video
6/01/2014 Why Do You Stand Looking Into Heaven? Acts 1:9-11 Video
6/08/2014 God Takes The Third Step Joel 2:28-32 Video
6/15/2014 God Owes Us Nothing Joel 2:28-32 Video
6/29/2014 Not For Our Merits, But Of His Mercy Does God Save Us Matthrews 9:9-13 Video
7/20/2014 A Christ-Believer Does Not Neglect His Earthly Occupation Luke 5:1-11 Video
7/27/2014 The U.S. Is Entering Into Exile 1 Corinthians 11:27-28 Video
8/03/2014 The U.S. Is Entering Into Exile Jeremiah 31:23 Video
8/10/2014 Self Examination is Necessary 1 Corinthians 11:28 Video
8/17/2014 What Can Be Done About My Neighbors? 2 Timothy 1:7-8 Video
8/31/2014 God, Not Chance, Is Controlling Events Matthew 14:22-27 Video
9/7/2014 Have You Understood All This Matthew 15:21-28 Video
9/21/2014 Were Not Ten Cleansed? Where are the Nine? Luke 17:11-19 Video
9/28/2014 No Christian Is An Island Galatians 6:1-5 Video
10/05/2014 We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us Matthew 18:23-25 Video
10/12/2014 Be Content With What God Has Given You Matthew 20:1-16 Video
10/19/2014 In the End, All Tongues Will Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord Matthew 20:1-16 Video
10/26/2014 What are You Seeking John 1:35-38 Video
11/02/2014 Righteousness Is God’s Gift to the Believer in Christ Galatians 2:16 Video
11/09/2014 What Will We Do While We Wait Matthew 25:31-35 Video
11/16/2014 Get Some Oil Matthew 25:1-13 Video
11/23/2014 I Will Seek The Lost Matthew 25:1-13 Video
11/30/2014 The Lord Is Our Righteousness Jeremiah 33:16 Video
12/07/2014 Jesus the Great Luke 1:31-33 Video
12/21/2014 Jesus Is He Who Was To Come Matthew 11:2-6 Video
12/28/2014 The Coming of Christ is Like a Sunrise Upon the World Luke 1:78 Video


Date Sermon Scripture Text Format
1/04/2015 The Word of God Gives Spiritual Life Isaiah 55:10-11 Video
1/11/2015 Jesus and the Holy Ghost Work Together Isaiah 61:1 Video
1/18/2015 When You Go to Jesus for Help, Expect a Miracle Matthew 18:23-35 Video
2/08/2015 Many Hear the Word of God But Few Keep It Luke 8:8, 15 Video
2/15/2015 Be Strong, Fear Not! Behold Your God! Isaiah 35:3-4 Video
2/22/2015 Where Are You? Isaiah 35:3-4 Video
3/01/2015 In The Lord We Can Have Righteousness And Strength Isaiah 45:24 Video
3/15/2015 Do This In Rememberance of Me John 6:47-59 Video
3/22/2015 We Have All Crowned Jesus with Thorns Matthew 27:27-29 Video
3/29/2015 It Is Written Matthew 21:4 Video
4/05/2015 Every Sunday Is a True Christ-Believer’s Easter Day Mark 16:1-2 Video
4/12/2015 Where Will It All End Job 19:25-27 Video
4/19/2015 The Hour Is Coming John 58:28-29 Video
4/26/2015 Be Doers of the Word James 1:22-27 Video
5/03/2015 There Are No Inactive Christians James 1:19-25 Video
5/10/2015 Great Expectations Come Only Through Prayer Jeremiah 29:11-14 Video
5/17/2015 Keep the Faith John 16:1 Video
5/24/2015 I will Put My Spirit Within You Ezekiel 36:27 Video
5/31/2015 Some Self-Examination Does Not Lead to Right and True Knowledge of Self 1 Corinthians 11:27-29 Video
6/07/2015 Let Not the Wise Man Glory in His Wisdom Jeremiah 9:23 Video
6/14/2015 Excuse Me Luke 14:16-24 Video
6/21/2015 What Are the Duties Which the Members of the Church Owe Each Other 1 Corinthians 12:25-27 Video
6/28/2015 Christ Is Your Teache Matthew 5:43-44 Video
7/05/2015 Much Is Required of Christians 1 Peter 3:8 Video
7/12/2015 Be Slow to Anger Matthew 5:21-26 Video
7/19/2015 I Have Given Rest to the Weary Jeremiah 31:25 Video
7/26/2015 We Bear the World’s Hope Jeremiah 15:19-21 Video
8/02/2015 The Gospel of Grace Is the Most Important Thing 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Video
8/09/2015 A Christian is a Non-Conformist Matthew 11:16-19 Video
8/16/2015 The World Is Living in the Day Before Jesus’ Resurrection Romans 10:9 Video
8/23/2015 We Have a Problem; God Has a Plan Isaiah 29:18-19 Video
8/30/2015 We Think Too Much About Ourselves Luke 10:29-37 Video
9/06/2015 Where Is Your Name Being Written Jeremiah 17:13 Video
9/13/2015 Brotherly Admonition Is Every Christian’s Duty Galatians 6:1 Video
9/20/2015 Do Not Weep Luke 7:13 Video
10/04/2015 The Commandments Are For Our Good Deuteronomy 10:13-14 Video
10/11/2015 There Are Two Key Figures in the History of the Human Race 1 Corinthians 15:21 Video
10/18/2015 Many Only Pretend to Believe Matthew 22:11-14 Video
10/26/10/25/2015 Our Strength Is in the Lord Ephesians 6:10 Video
11/01/2015 What It Is to Be a New Creature 2 Corinthians 5:17 Video
11/08/2015 What Shall We Render for God’s Gifts Mark 12:41-44 Video
11/15/2015 Christ Came and Suffered in the Place and Stead of Every Man 2 Corinthians 5:21 Video
11/22/2015 The Kingdom of God Does Not Have a Lot of Outward Show Luke 17:20-21 Video
11/29/2015 Be Patient! James 5:7-10 Video
12/13/2015 Mary Was A Mother Before Jesus Was Born Luke 1:43-44 Video
12/20/2015 The Old Nature Never Does Improve Isaiah 40:3-8 Video
12/27/2015 Don’t Let Jesus Be Your Downfall Luke 2:34-35 Video


Date Sermon Scripture Text Format
1/03/2016 John the Baptist Was the Rebuker of sin Matthew 3:1-2 Video
1/10/2016 Realize Your Influence as a Parent Ephesians 6:1-4 Video
1/17/2016 The Bible is the Word of God 2 Peter 1:21 Video
1/24/2016 The Apostle Paul Goes to Athens Greece Acts 17:22-34 Video
1/31/2016 Is It the Lord’s Message 2 Timothy 4:2 Video
2/21/2016 God Loves You More than He Loves Jesus Ephesians 5:2 Video
2/28/2016 You Can’t Remain Neutral Luke 11:33 Video
3/6/2016 We are to Add Things to Our Faith 2 Peter 1:5-7 Video
3/13/2016 Gethsemane Was No Rose Garden Luke 22:39-46 Video
3/20/20/2016 She Gave It All to Jesus Mark 14:3 Video
3/27/2016 Your Faith Will Be Tried 1 Peter 1:3-7 Video
4/10/2016 It’s Not Fair 1 Peter 2:20-24 Video
4/16/2016 Let Us Pray John 16:23 Video
4/24/2016 Look Upward for All Good Things James 1:17 Video
5/08/2016 Lifting up His Hands, He Parted from Them Luke 40:50-53 Video
5/15/2016 Christ Is Our Peace with God John 14:27 Video
5/22/2016 Why Has God Given Me So Much 2 Corinthians 9:8 Video
5/29/2016 Pile Up Godly Riches Luke 12:15-21 Video
6/06/2016 The Door of Many Hearts Is Closed to Its Best Friend Revelations 3:20 Video
6/12/2016 What Was There In Sauls Conversion That Is Common To Every Conversion? Acts 9:17-18 Video
6/19/2016 Christ Was Made A Curse For Us Galatians 3:10-13 Video
6/19/2016 Christ Was Made A Curse For Us Galatians 3:10-13 Video
6/26/2016 Only Christians are Sons of God Galatians 3:26 Video
7/03/2016 You Must Be More Righteous Than The Pharisees Matthew 5:20 Video
7/10/2016 Jesus Had Compassion on the Multitude Mark 8:1-9 Video
7/17/2016 You Will Know Them By Their Fruits Matthew 7:16 Video
8/07/2016 God Gives Grace Only to the Humble 2 Samuel 22:28 Video
8/14/2016 Sin Against the Work of the Holy Ghost is Unforgiveable Matthew 21:31 Video
8/21/2016 Walk by the Spirit Galatians 5:16-23 Video
8/28/2016 God Can Bring Blessings Out of Sickness John 2:1-9 Video
9/04/2016 One Thing Is Needful Luke 10:38-42 Video
9/11/2016 Your God Is a Matter of Life and Death Deuteronomy 32:39-40 Video
9/18/2016 Have Ye Not Read This Scripture Mark 2:23-35 Video
9/25/2016 Christ’s Death for Us Is Love’s Crowning Deed John 15:13 Video

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